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My next problem is that in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/plugins-enabled/ the subfolder "sieve" is not created. I would like to create that folder when the subfolders Junk, Trash, Sent and Inbox are created. Due it is a normal folder and not a maildir I can't use existing code. To admit that: I'm not much of a php-coder. Is it sufficient to add the creation of that folder in the mentioned file - and - (I feel a bit ashamed) with which code-line?
The command to create a directory is:


two times. Is that suffiecient to fulfill my goal?
Yes. But be aware that some email client will complain when you use a structure without the Maildir directory. We had that before but it causes errors in outlook if I remember correctly, as outlook requires that no other files or folders are in the directory that contains the mailfolders, otherwise it will display the foolders in the imap folder list and will show a error if someone tries to subscribe to that "non maildir" folder.
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