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Originally Posted by pitchinnate View Post
Just to experiement I modified my php file that ran an exec command from a ping
There is no point in that I think - what you want is to repair your system.

I am no expert but from your output it would appear that there is something wrong with your PHP5.

These lines:
_ => /usr/bin/php

Like till said you need to fix your php.ini files - something is not working as it should be.

Which one did you edit?

Commonly they can be is /etc/php5/ ... subdirectories.
Did you edit all of them?

If I was stuck like this, I would to get a new php.ini from your version in /var/cache/apt/archives.

Then I would compare all uncommented and decide which changes you have made and repair your working config like that.

Just as some advise for the future which I have learned the hard way - after you have installed your system as per one of the supported setups - try to stay away from the command line as much as possible.
Good luck.
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