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I have had next to zero issues with ISPConfig on Centos.

Minor issue with Subversion having to be excluded from yum updates and a need to back up the postfix configuration files before update and restore them after.

All and all an excellent product on CentOS and I'm hoping to assist with moving it to CentOS 6.

Debian is a good platform but I have found CentOS to be a more stable LAMP environment.

Still concerned about squirrelmail being dropped, though there is an alternative posted earlier in this thead. Wondering how the mail migration will go. My 10 year old daughter wants a squirrelmail account on my server because she likes the logo!

Originally Posted by till View Post
The CentOS Developers have not released all packages required by ISPConfig yet. Without that packages, ISPConfig can not work and we can not write a guide for it.

I highly recommend to use Debian instead. ISPConfig on Centos is known to be unstable as Centos has often package conflicts with the extrernal Centos repositories which will cause the setup to fail on Centos upgrdaes. So if your system should be used as production system, then use debian
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