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Default Major recovery

Sunday was a bad day...

I had one debian Lenny master dedicated server controlling a debian Lenny virtual machine at a data centre.

The virtual slave hung and on reboot couldn't get past the grub loader. I was told there seemed significant damage to the file system.

As a result they created me a new virtual machine using the same name and same ip with the intention to get this working as if it were the original machine and attach the old hard drive to it to try and recover data.

The installation of ispconfig slave seemed to go well on the new machine. It is now added to the control panel alongside the old machine that is now off line.

My first question is how do I completely remove the old machine when it's not there to communicate with?

The new machine has two services offline. Smtp and mysql server. Mysql does appear to be working despite what's in the control panel.
How should I start to problem shoot smtp? Squirrel mail also complains of no smtp stream when sending mail.

Thanks In advance.
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