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Default ISPConfig 3 Client Template Question

Hi everyone,

I have a question about editing the client templates. Nothing technical, but I was wondering if someone can post or PM me an example of what they are offering basic members. I'm running a web server with CentOS 5.6 and was hoping to set it up for virtual hosting, so I was going to have different plans. For instance, a "basic" plan, a "better-than-basic" plan, and "the-best-plan" plan. Also, should I give the account I use for hosting my site full access, or should I make some limitations to it?

I'm not going to be selling any space for a long time, since I'm new to Linux and running a web server. I just want to get everything set up so I can eventually do it. I also think learning through hands-on is the best way to learn all this. I might host some sites for my friends, so I would have to set up accounts for them, but other than that, I'm the only one using the server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, here's the fields I was hoping to see an example for:

Max number of email domains:
Max number of mailboxes:
Max number of email aliases:
Max number of domain aliases:
Max number of email forwarders:
Max. number of email catchall accounts:
Max. number of email routes:
Max. number of email filters:
Max. number of fetchmail accounts:
Mailbox quota:
Max. number of spamfilter white / blacklist filters:
Max. number of spamfilter users:
Max. number of spamfilter policys:
Max. number of web domains:
Web Quota MB:
Max. number of web aliasdomains:
Max. number of web subdomains:
Max. number of FTP users:
Max. number of Shell users:
Max. number of Webdav users:
Max. number of DNS zones:
Max. number of secondary DNS zones:
Max. number DNS records:
Max. number of Databases:
Max. number of cron jobs:
Max. type of cron jobs (chrooted and full implies url):
Min. delay between executions:
Traffic Quota MB:

Thanks everyone!
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