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Default postfix exim4 and sendmail make me carzy in debian

Hi Falko,
I'm totally with You regarding sendmail on debian squizee
but I go crazy with exim4 and postfix to...
any time I don't have received an email sent to this machine and in the logs I see that all was rejected, now (is to verify) I'm just worried about some wrong parameter that would be like the hostname so I have a suspect: that in my rescue hetzner installimage tool when is asked what kind of hostname give to the server the tool do not edit in all the places that have to edit (is a suspect) now I have totally changed distro I choose a centos minimal 6 64bit and everythink appears MORE simple... but is early, in few hours I will install a mail transport and I will return here.
if You can tell me if there is a procedure to verify that all the places that have to be named like the hostname I will check asap before reset the first centos test set up
thx 4 now
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