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Hi Falko,

Ok, first let me say that this system is a bit more (or seems to be) in-depth than what I am used to, so I checked several things. It just seemed to be many logs and files associated with mail, so I wanted to be thorough. Here is what I did:

I Looked in /var/mail/ where I could see 'root' mail and client mail. Clients were completely empty. The root file didn't really show anything indicating any specific errors, just functions that had run. No warnings or indicators of any file path missing - nothing. So next,

I looked in /var/log/mail/ Again, although I didn't know every detail of what I was viewing, I saw no errors or warnings, just functions or programs that had run.

So, finally, since I remembered from the install that there were several items associated with mail (postfix, Getmail, squirrelmail, etc.) I viewed every single log file associated with any of these. Nothing really indicated any errors, only that a certain process had run at a given time, etc.

I used the email forwarder to try and forward to a gmail account that I use (actually a Google App which I added my domain too - the webserver domain) That didn't help either. Are there any records I need to create in the Godaddy account? I have the A records pointing to my Public IP (the webserver) so it seems like "no" would be the answer. Do I need to create any MX records in ISPConfig?

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