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Hi Guys

First, thank you very much for your site. It is awesome, as ISPConfig is too. I really appreciate all the work of you. Thanks!

I am really new in root server business, but with your site I got my "Perfect ISPConfig Server" working. Now, I have some problems (lots according to this topic so I write here), some others.

First: I followed the TSL steps already in the tutorial and tried it again with the link provided here. However FileZilla times-out. I have absolutly no idea why and how I can fix this.

If you could give me a hint here?

Since I am, as I said, very new to this business please tell me which logs you need since I have no idea

Second: How do I enable IMAP over SSL? I got it running with normal IMAP but not with SSL. What do I have to do?

Third: In general I would like to run ISPConfig/RoundCube/phpMyAdmin over SSL.

My situation is the following: I set up my server according to the "Perfect Server" and followed also the "Extendind the perfect server" tutorial. OS is Debain 6 64-bit.

I use those IP's as nameserver: +

The "primary domain" is, where everything works on. I would also like to install SSL for the domain itself.

Is this possible? Since I always used during the tutorials I had to use * as IP in ISPConfig for Domain Setup as I wanted this domain to have it's own directory as a client has (ssl, web etc.)

Now, I signed a SSL Cert with GlobalSign. Can I use this with all services? (TSL/IMAP SSL/WEBSITE)?

Thank you very very much for your help as I really don't know how I should fix all this by my own.

Kindly Regards,
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