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Default DNS and mail server


Let me first tell you my system so you'll know what we're working with.
Fedora 14 x86_64, 500GB Raid 5, 16GB Ram, Intel i5 Quadcore 3.2Ghz

I am using Godaddy's DNS servers to piont to the main domain of the server. Which is also (with subdomain) the server name, so

Everything works great for this site except a few things that have to be minor. The ISPConfig 3 "Monitor" indicates everything is fine. However, under "System State", I used to be able to view disk usage, cpu, everything. Now each of these give me ???.??.???.???

Also I have set the mail up in numerous ways, none of which work. I've setup forwarding, you name it. no errors, just no mail? I don't have seperate servers created for mail, dns, etc. They all use the main server.

Last, instead of my clients using GoDaddy's name servers, I created and pointing to Googles global DNS. I ran a traceroute on the server using SSH according to Googles instructions, and the traceroute came back exactly as Google stated it should resolve. But they won't work nor are they recognized in a DNS search. (i.e. should resolve, but doesn't resolve anything.

Oh, one note about mail. Do you know anything about That what the mail tests say.

Thanks in advance for all this mess!
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