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Default Extending Ext4 LVM Partition


First of all, I want to preface by saying I have had very bad luck with extending linux filesystems.

My situation is this: I had a 4TB Hardware RAID5 (3x2TB) in a Fedora Box. I use this array for backups, files, music, lots of things.

Recently it started to grow low on space, so I procured a 4th 2TB drive, and added it to the Hardware RAID. No issues with that. The RAID BIOS shows the new ~6TB Capacity.

What I am having trouble doing is making Linux extend it's partition to the ~6TB size.

The RAID is device SDC1.

SDC1 is a member of the volume group vg_3ware.

I'd appreciate some help. All of the tutorials and howtos I've found seem useful, but I always get stuck because i only see the original ~4TB size in Linux, and not the new size.


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