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dear master, i respect ur knowledge and your time to do a lot manuals for many user. But The Perfect Server - OpenSUSE 11.4 x86_64 [ISPConfig 3] manual dont work. I pass one week to fix many errors generate when i was finish the last part of this manual, i mean instalacion a part 17. ISPConfig 3 of this manual. This erros was generate cause amavisd-new is no configurate well, like you describe and dovecot to. I dont know if only i get this errors. I read about this problems and saw that dovecot dont generate the certificate like ispconfig needs, same to postfix. I saw the scrip that configurate ispconfig 3 on opensuse 11.4 and this scrip generate a lot erros. I dont know if u install it or do this manual in base to virtual machine or install it direct to a machine, but in several case install programs on virtual machines dont generate erros couse this method dont charge a lot services what the systems need. Sorry if i wrong but a try to find another manual that get more information. Thaks for all.
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