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Default jailkit + chroot cron not working

To recreate the problem:
1. create a site
2. add a chroot cron job to that site

In the auth.log see error:
Jul 24 16:31:40 web2 jk_chrootsh[32617]: abort, path /var/www/clients/client15/web30/./home/web30 does not have group owner 1012, set option 'relax_home_group' to relax this check

fix problem:
chown web30:client15 /var/www/clients/client15/web30/./home/web30

In auth.log see that issues is fixed:
Jul 24 16:40:01 web2 jk_chrootsh[398]: now entering jail /var/www/clients/client15/web30 for user web30 (1012) with arguments -c /usr/bin/wget -k ............

I think that somewhere in there should be a chown to make the permissions correct.
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