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Originally Posted by till View Post
Please do what I suggested to you in #5 if you want to debug the problem.

I guess the problem is that var/www is a symlink to /usr/var/www (and not only /home as you mentioned above) which is a security breach for jailkit so jailkit disables the user.

I recommend that you reinstall the server if you want to use jailkit so that /var/www and /home/www are no symlinks, they have to be real directorys or partitions. As alternative you can try to mount /var/www instead of using a symlink.

if i try to run jk_init from the shell, i've got this error:

# jk_init -v -j /usr/var/www/clients/client6/web8 basicshell
ERROR: /usr/var/www/clients/client6/web8 is not owned by root:root!

ERROR: jail directory basicshell is not safe

Usage: /usr/sbin/jk_init [OPTIONS]
Usage: /usr/sbin/jk_init [OPTIONS] -j jaildir sections...

-h --help : this help screen
-c, --configfile=FILE : specify configfile location
-l, --list : list all available sections in the configfile
-j, --jail= : specify the jail to use.
For backwards compatibility, if no jail is specified, the first
argument after the options will be used as jail
-v, --verbose : show what is being done
-f, --force : force overwriting of existing files
-k, --hardlink : use hardlinks if possible

would it work if i copy the content of /usr/var to a new disk and mounted trough fstab so /var it's a mount point, not a symlink?

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