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Originally Posted by CSsab View Post
You can exclude a file, files and an entire directory using the:

$ rsync -avz --exclude

Sorry you still misunderstand my problem.
This has nothing to do with rsync.

This is to do with internal ISPConfig functionality.

In ISPConfig I have configured my backup server to Mirror the master server.
This is done under: System > Server Services > {click on backup server} > Select option "Is mirror of Server" > {select master server from drop down box}

With this setting, every action I submit on my ISPConfig control panel for the master server, is replicated / mirrored on the backup server.

- I create a web domain on master server, web domain settings (not content) is mirrored on backup server
- I create an FTP user on master server, FTP user is mirrored on backup server

And when I create a client cron job on the master server (Under Sites > Cron Jobs > Add new Cron Job)
This cron job is replicated on the backup server.

ISPConfig itself creates the cron job on the master server at:

And ISPConfig on the backup server creates the cron job on the backup server:

Make sense?
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