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Hi falko,

Thanks for the response. As I said, I went ahead and did a new install. I contacted the router developer and asked if it supported loopback. They said for this router, that disabling Upnp would resolve the problem. Well, it did not resolve. Back to the same thing, takes to router login. Using the machine's static IP (LAN IP), 192.168.1.XX:8080 as before works perfectly.

Should I get a new router? Honestly, this is an inexpensive router (Cisco). My system is pretty advanced (as advanced as I could afford). It is 3 terrabit (500gb x 6) raid 5 with 3 500gb hard disks for reserve. I am currently a reseller for another company, but all of my clients will move with me when the server is functioning correctly. What is your suggestion?

Last note, running [root@webserver~]# ifconfig resolves this:


UP LOOPBACK RUNNING MTU:16436 Metric:1 (lo)

Can the mismatch in maximum transmission unit cause problems? They are vastly different.

Thanks again Falko.

Hindsight, I wish I would have used CentOS. (It's what I'm used to on VPS)
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