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Hi Falko,
I know you are right about the manual and I apologize. I suppose my frustration was misdirected. I suppose what has really made it difficult where this is concerned is that most of the manual - the important aspect of it - is Debian based and before I used your Fedora based tutorial, I was dealing with conflict after conflict.

Last word, I didn't know there was a client host file, only /etc/hosts/ I am formatting the raid system and starting over. I will be using your tutorial, as it worked perfectly the first time. If I haven't offended you two much, can you tell me if the file for apache /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf needs to be adjusted before installing ISPConfig? The reason I ask is that the default file directory in this file is /var/www/html/ This duplicates the wed files. One going here and one going to the client directory set-up by ISPConfig.

Thanks, and again, my apologies. Frustration brings out the best of me
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