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Thumbs up Thoughts about moving sites between servers

Hi, all.

It's that time again, the time I find my self working around the clock (on weekend) moving sites away from bad hardware to new hardware. (Server that all ready has a working ISPC3 cluster.)

It struck me (again) how long this current ISPC3 configuration takes to move. Primarily the reason for this is that the Databases and sites have cNumber prefix. This prevents me from simply copying them all from the old server to the new server. (That would take only a couple of minutes instead of hours that it takes now.)

I understand the reason to have a prefix that defines the Database and the site uniquely.

Couldn't that prefix be a date though?
I would give my left arm for that now.

Then I could move all the sites with just a few commands.

COMMAND "Hear my rant and obey!"

Sami Mattila


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