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Originally Posted by falko View Post
How do you upload your files? Through FTP? If so, what FTP server do you use?

You can use the chmod and chown commands to change ownerships and permissions of files/directories. Take a look at
man chown
man chmod

Falko thank you for your reply and sorry for the very late reaction but havn't had any time to react.

First of all I upload these files with FileZilla ftp client to the server. On the server I have Pure-ftp service up and running. I can upload files but the default permissions on the new uploaded files are not right.

I already tried it with chmod and than the existing files in the folder/subfolder get changed but when I upload a new file it gets the default permission that only the root user can read or change the files. (And the others have no rights)

And I want it changed that in my folder the others gets read rights so they can view my webpage by default when I change something.

Is it possible to change the default permission on one folder?
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