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Default Open ports and Client access

Ok, I have finally gotten a website to resolve to the internet using Fedora 14 x86_64 with ISPConfig 3. Here is my problem. According to the ISP manual, my reseller clients and end user clients should be able to access their ISPConf. Control panel using my webserver name, which is:, then apply :8080 to the end. Doing this takes users to the router login. I have checked open ports for the modem. They are all fine. Also, here is a list of commands I have run (inside the network) for open ports according to what Linux sees:

netstat -vatn
netstat --listen
lsof -i -n | egrep 'COMMAND|LISTEN'

All of these resolve ports 8080 and 8081. I am stumped. If this means anything, they typically show like such:


Thanks in advance
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