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Originally Posted by nubtool
1. Cant logon with default username/password [admin,admin] with ISPConfig.
Please check if the ISPconfig database exists and if there a tables with records in it:

Originally Posted by nubtool
2. I can view my ISPConfig default website from within my network, but not from outside. I have configured port forwarding to the server; both 80/81. Should it be in a DMZ instead?
3. I have a DYNDNS site: that is forwarded to my Apache and ISPConfig server (80/81). I cant see the ISPConfig site from their. Is it a Fedora firewall problem?
Did you disable SELinux and the firewall as shown in the FC5 howto?

Originally Posted by nubtool
4. Is their a way of changing the username/password to logon to ISPConfig homepage without being logged in?
I don't understand that question...
Originally Posted by nubtool
5. When setting up MySQL i think i used a user name of test instead of root could this be the problem im having when trying to logon to ISPConfig? How do i change that if its the problem?
You mean during the ISPConfig installation you specified test as MySQL user instead of root? That's a serious problem, that explains why you can't login. The only solution would be to delete ISPConfig and install it again...
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