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Maybe that question is ooooooooold but have some nice solution :-)

Well warlock, in searching of solution I did some googling but did not found solution sooo I turned off Google and enable a Brain++ :->

What we want? That Postfix connect to one of FEW hosts (relayhosts).

Welll, lets play with DNS :-)

In example do domain lets make some A lines:

mxr IN A
mxr IN A
mxr IN A
mxr IN A
mxr IN A

Lets flush bind and what we have? Nice :-)

[root@anubis postfix]# host has address has address has address has address has address

Standard roundrobin rulez :-D

Then only that little line in postfix/

relayhost =

and Postfix relays with every of these ips in roundrobin style :-)

Maybe it does not work as failover but better have 3/5 relays working then none :-) 60% delivered mails at once, rest waits for some time

Simple and nice :-) Hace fun :-)

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