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Originally Posted by midcarolina View Post
Ok, this is the part that gets me. Port forwarding is on in the router for a number of ports that I would need for the server to operate (i.e., 21-ftp,22-ssh,25-smtp, etc. this includes 80 for http:// and 8080) Still no go? So this I am still stumped on.
Check your router's firewall. It is also possible that your ISP blocks some ports.

Originally Posted by midcarolina View Post
The answer for DNS helped a bit, except one item. Do I use the two DNS ips assigned by my ISP for DNS? They are of course the same, except one ends in 51 and the other 52. Or do I use the single public modem IP, in which case their is only one. My nameservers I created myself at my domain registrar, godaddy.
They are accepted (by godaddy) using the public modem ip and the ISP provider's two DNS ips, using, and
If you refer to /etc/resolv.conf, you can put your ISP's DNS servers there (but you don't have to if name resolution is working already).
For your zones, you must use the public modem IP, and as the nameservers in your zones, you use ns1 and
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