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Originally Posted by midcarolina View Post
Adding :8080 to the modem IP is page not found.
You must configure your router to forward port 8080 to your ISPConfig server.

Originally Posted by midcarolina View Post
Am I using the proper static IP 192.168.1.XX and if so, why is port forwarding not working correctly?
When you created your sites in ISPConfig, make sure you used your internal IP (192.168.1.x). Also, you router must forward port 80 to your ISPConfig server (I guess it does this already because you get the Fedora test page). Also, make sure you access your web sites using their domain names - if you use the public IP, you will always get the Fedora test page. Of course, for this to work, the domain's DNS records must point to your public IP.

Originally Posted by midcarolina View Post
What are the correct DNS IP's? Are they the ones from my ISP, or can I create my own?
For DNS records, you must use the public IP because otherwise nobody from outside your LAN can access your sites.
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