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Default Public IP Vs. Private IP, DNS, and NAT

Ok, after an extremely successful install of ISPConfig 3 using HowToForge's tutorial (walk-through) for Fedora version 14 x86_64, I am a bit stumped. I am having trouble wrapping my head around proper IP usage, and DNS in the system. Ok, first let me say that during install, I created a static IP for the server using 192.168.1.XX. Inside the network, I can access 192.168.1.XX:8080 perfectly. If I leave of :8080 (still inside my network), the Fedora / Apache test page resolves. Publicly, (remote access) does not work. I have the proper port forwarding using a Cisco E1000 router.

Here is the part that has me mixed-up. My public IP (modem) is 173.93.151.XX This IP (without :8080 for ISPC access) also resolves the Fedora test page. Adding :8080 to the modem IP is page not found.

Using the "Monitor" tab to check the system, everything is a greenlight (online). So, here are the bottom line issues I am trying to remedy:

Am I using the proper static IP 192.168.1.XX and if so, why is port forwarding not working correctly?

What are the correct DNS IP's? Are they the ones from my ISP, or can I create my own?

Finally, there are so many various options for static DNS and NAT settings in the router configuration that I simply do know what to use. I have been messing with DNS records and VDS or VPServers for quite some time, but this is my first experience creating my own "at home" production webserver, so I have now become a DNS / IP dummy. I am attaching a small screenshot of what ISPConfig shows under "Monitor".

Thanks in advance for the help.
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