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Originally Posted by falko View Post
Yes, that's possible as follows:

cd /tmp
tar xvfz getmail-4.20.3.tar.gz
cd getmail-4.20.3
python build
python install
But amavisd-new plays a central role in the setup, and I don't want to compile everything from the sources. I think the missing packages will be available in a few days or weeks (for example, for RedHat 6.0 there's an amavisd-new package), so I will wait and write the tutorial then.
i wasn't aware that 'amavisd-new" ever has been in CentOS (Base-) repos? At least it's not on our mirror, and our "default-source" for 5.6 is/was rpmforge. And for CentOS6, it's now on epel:
amavisd-new.noarch 2.6.4-2.el6 epel

squirrelmail also is on epel.
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