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Originally Posted by falko View Post
As it has just been released, we will start working on it soon. But it is possible that ISPConfig 3 already works with CentOS 6.0 - you might want to try it out.
I've actually played around with this a bit.

Here is the problem list:
1) Tried php53 packages from CentOS on 5.6. There are a few dependencies that work only with the stock php 5.1. mbcrypt and such. Those packages will probably have to be recompiled from source. Have not gotten there yet.
2) squirrelmail absolutely does not want to work with php 5.2 or 5.3 on 5.6
3) squirrelmail is not even included in CentOS 6. It is reportedly not working when users compile the source. Same error I got running it on CentOS 5.6

I think this is something that can be worked through but a new build procedure will need to be cooked up. Squirrelmail can probably be hacked into working and the squirrelmail folks are probably working on that themselves.

My problem is squirrelmail is getting a little old and creaky. I can't set up rules like I can on yahoo and gmail to filter my mail. There is a package for this, but it requires a daemon running and listening. This creates a security problem.

If you don't mind google reading your mail, its pretty easy to host your mail on google. I actually recommended this approach to a start up that wanted to get googles attention. It took six weeks for google to be in contact. So much for privacy. The gmail feature set is far superior to squirrelmail.

Tonight I plan to set up a centos 6 box at home with 64 bit release and begin the process of hacking this together. I'm not sure I'm up for writing the cook book.

In practice I won't use a dot zero OS release for my production environment anyway, but knowing how to do this is important to me. If update 1 is stable and I can run all my stuff, I might consider it.

I'm trying to avoid the concept of running a 5.6 virtual machine to support the php 5.1 stuff. Squirrelmail is a major hangup for me because my most important customer, my wife uses it. My wordpress blogs all require php 5.2.4 or above to work as does my Joomla 1.6 (wanting) customer.

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