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Default all subdomains work except www

Hello all,

I've searched the forums but didn't find anything on this:

My issue is that I have a website:
In my website i need all subdomains to goto the same place. I have a php file that parses the subdomain out and displays different data. So for example,,, need to point to the same place and the php script will handle displaying the different data.

I've gotten everything to work, except ""

Here's the other catch: i can ping and trace-route the "" and the "" and everything else and they come back with successful pings and correct IP address for traceroute.

I thought it was my DNS settings at first but since ping and trace-route work i'm not sure. either way, just to put all the information out there, I currently have these settings in my DNS:
www    A    300
@        A    300
@        ns   7200
@        ns   7200
These are my current settings. I've tried using the fqdm, "" tried using www CNAME 7200, tried using * A 300 Those didnt work either.

Now for my ISPConfig, I run CentOS 5.5 x64 and followed the perfect server guidelines for setting this up from this website. I should state, I am using a VPS from as well. There were some things i wasnt able to do and found workarounds for them, but this was with BIND server, which i currently have turned off due to using DNS and suPHP(i think). From what i read, this is due to the fact that I was using a vps.

In ISPConfig, I've created the website, the ftp connection for this and that all works, email works, etc. I set the website to use domains for all 3 options for subdomains, "none", "www", "*" - all actually produce the same result: all subdomains work except "www."

Any Help is appriciated. Thanks
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