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Default Do I Need ispConfig?

I did the perfect server setp on 10.04 server. It's a home/small business server also with MthTV installed. We currently run a couple of web applications from our remote web server on Dreamhost that I am interested in running locally. I would be the only user as far as accessing the control panel and I don't see a need for using a domain name. Ideally I would like to have access to these web apps from the web, but only for a few employees. I am thinking of leaving our web site hosted with Dreamhost.

Is there some benefit to running things through ispConfig instead of just installing to my var folder & using phpmyadmin to configure my database stuff?

Possibly related, what is the best way to have access to our web apps from the internet with a regular cable internet access account (dynamic ip)? Security is obviously a concern if we're going to be accessing from outside and it's not clear to me if running things through ispConfig is any different than not in this respect. I do have a router of course.
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