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Lightbulb MUltiple servers backup to special backup server

Originally Posted by vaio1 View Post
Hi go0ogl3,

First of all thanks for your script. I have 3 production server boxes and one backup server.

I have installed ISPConfig in the Multiserver setup system. So I have different services for each server.

1. Server A
--->Web Server
--->SVN Server

2. Server B
---> Database Server

3. Server C
---> Mail Server

4. Server D
---> Backup Server

Is there a way to send the request to backup from the Backup SERVER to every other servers? I would like to load the script from the backup server and store all the backups files and directory in the Backup SERVER.


The way I do it is to have a copy of the script on each of the servers and create on the backup server a dir for every server. For example:
1. on Server D I can make /backup/Server_A, /backup/Server_B, /backup/Server_C
2. mount the dir /backup/Server_A/ on Server A to dir /backup
3. mount the dir /backup/Server_B/ on Server B to dir /backup
4. mount the dir /backup/Server_C/ on Server C to dir /backup
5. define the BACKUPDIR="/backup/$COMPUTER" on servers A,B,C (you can have BACKUPDIR="/backup", but it's usefull to have a good name to your backups)
6. set up the cron jobs on the servers

Good luck!
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