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Default Paravirtualization With Xen On CentOS 5.6 (x86_64)

I followed the Paravirtualization With Xen On CentOS 5.6 (x86_64) howto.

Everything went fine and in fact everything described in the howto work as described, the only problem I have is that after I reboot into the Xen kernel network connectivity is gone.

I can login to the server on the physical console, but I can't ssh (putty) into it anymore. If I go to the physical console I can't ping anything either.

My infrastructure is pretty standard, a home network with ADSL connection through a standard router. A couple of PC's on the network, some Windows and some Linux. The Xen server has been setup with static IP The ADSL gateway is

Before installing Xen, the network works fine on the Xen server, in fact I install xen and xen-kernel using yum. So far no problem. ifconfig shows just eth0 with and lo.

After Xen has been installed and rebooted ifconfig shows a long list of interfaces, most without IP addresses: eth0 (still with, lo, peth0, veth1-3, vif0.0-0.3, virbr0 with and xenbr0.

xm list shows one VM, Domain-0. I'm not sure I fully understand Xen at this time, is Domain-0 what I am logged into or is that a separate VM? I can't connect to it or anything, but it's listed.

Maybe I'm just completely misunderstanding everything, but shouldn't I still be able to ssh into this hardware box and proceed creating VM's through putty? Do I really have to sit in front of the physical box for that?

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