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Arrow Update

Worked on this freezing problem all night!

So I added the "Allow from all" statement in the Apache Directives to no avaial it still 403's me but the funny thing is it takes longer now before I get the 403. I know weird.

I did a new installation of RoundCube using all the default values except those to connect to the database and same problems.

What I don't get is if www-data has rwx-r x-r x to both temp and logs and the "Allow from all" is in the directives and the email all works and everyone can send and receive with no problem, why do we get this 403 once in a great CLICK? Strange I cant figure this one out.

I was reading about an error like this with apache where the .htaccess file was issuing a Deny from all statement and this was blocking people out thats why I put the Allow from all in the directives but heres the weird thing my email was fine for months and then all the sudden this 403 started happening so what changed? All I was doing was adding databases and users to the databases hosting the email account for the vhost. I even went into the vhost file for the vhost to add the directives there thinking that would be different and it was not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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