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Post 403 errors & freezing in ispconfig3, roundcube webmail

I recently changed over from ISPConfig2 to ISPConfig3 and here is how my new setup looks.

host1 = ISPConfig3, Apache
db1 = MySql
mail1 = postfix,dovcot
host2 = Apache - not a mirror
ns1 = Bind
ns2 = Bind - mirroring ns1
snort = snort

I setup this configuration based on the tutorial in the ISPConfig3 manual. This is the multi server setup with a snort server and a second web server added in.
I installed RoundCube on the vhosts each with their own roundcube installation like so; /var/www/
My setup works great I can't believe how great no problems except this one issue. Heres what happend I was adding some plugins to roundcube on one of the vhosts and a remote user for the soap calls and when I was testing it I started to receive 403 error's access denied to /webmail/. So I checked my remote users permissions and all was the way it was supposed to be according to the manul so after about a day of messing with it I figured I would removed what I had done and start over.
I removed what I did and now I have this new problem.
My strange problem comes in when I am in ISPConfig3 or RoundCube. In ISPConfig3 when I am clicking on a menu item the webpage will freeze and then after about 15 to 20 seconds I can click again. In RoundCube same thing except I'm still getting the 403 error if I click too fast! If I click with a 5 to 10 second delay between clicks no problems but click too fast and 403 Error access denied to /webmail/.

The system was just fine until I started messing with those plugins but I don't see how this would affect ISPConfig and cause it too freeze if I click too fast on the menu items.

Has anyone else had this problem with freezing or does anyone know what this might be cause by. The websites and email everything still works great it's just in the GUI of ispconfig or roundcube when I have these issues. Mail sends correctly etc.

One more thing I forgot to mention is the 403 error only happens when I'm in the "Settings" of RoundCube and when I'm clicking between the 3 tabs. "Preferencs" Folders " Identities ". If I click between these three with a 1 second delay I get the 403 forbidden /webmail..

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