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Thanks till, I have little knowledge in programming (well... not so little), but I am new in php.

Addin ftp traffic to web site traffic will be easy. But in this case, with ftp traffic by user, if there are two or more users per site, clients could see who is using the most traffic. If you limit traffic per month, I think that this approach would be usefull for clients.

It is up to you to decide which one is the better approach! I will wait your answer before starting coding. I want to make this for ispconfig, not just for me!

Anyway, in my script I am saving in table every last timestamp per using, calculating the max in next run and comparing it with each log line to know if that line must be added or not to the table... it is not the best... I think that using a file should be the best... but, where to save that file? is a directory in ispconfig for this? does it have a table for this?

thanks again

edit: I think that adding a new table will be the best... you can get a lot of information with it... is good for both clients and users, in every approach... site traffic is site traffic... ftp traffic is ftp traffic...

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