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Default [Xen] Debian 6.0 domU inside a CentOS 5.6 system


I'm not sure this is the good place for this post, so don't hesitate to move it to the appropriate section if necessary

I'm trying to install a debian squeeze on a xenified CentOS.

The installation of dom0 wen well and xm list returns correctly.

for the domU, I have tried this:

-> debootstrap vm.img (on a Debian system)
-> copy this image vm.img on the CentOS
-> mount it to configure the domU with mount -o loop /vm/vm.img /mnt/image
-> chroot on it, (chroot /mnt/image) installation of linux-image
-> Copy the initrd and vmlinuz from domU:/boot/ to CentOS:/boot/
-> Put these paths to the vm.cfg configuration file

These steps done, I have tried to actually create the domU
xm create /etc/xen/vm.cfg -c

And the dom0 reboots!!!!??

I really don't know what to this about this.
If I follow the same steps, but without installing the linux-image inside the domU, there is a domU-kernel-panic because the system can't find the appropriate filessytem for /

Is there any way to achieve what I want, or it is totally impossible?
Does anyone have any idea to help me fixing this?

Thank you a lot for your help, and don't hesitate to ask for any complementary details I can provide.
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