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Default Port Forwarding question

Hello Falko,

I brought home a Windows 7 laptop from the office with PuTTY on it and sat down last night to get this to work.
When I logged into the server, I noticed the IP address it had listed right upon login: (See screenshot).

I then went in PuTTY and entered this IP address and was able to connect successfully!

I changed the SSH port forwarding in the router to also be 103 for port 22 (see screen shot).

I assume that if I want to be able to pull up Squirrel mail and ISP config from a computer outside of the LAN, I'll have to allow port 80 (or 8080) to forward to 103 as well, correct? Is this an unsafe practice? Generally, what is considered standard/okay/best practice in port forwarding?

Thank you very much for all the help thus far!
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