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Thanks for your quick response!

Originally Posted by till View Post
Do not edit this file. It is for ispconfig only and may not be used for other software as all changes you made there will be removed automatically on updates. Create a new config file instead.
I'm a bit confused: The 1.2 manual tells me to change that file..

.. and where might I put a new config file please? What should it contain? Sorry I dont understand the way apache2 handles this.. Wouldn't I create contradictory configs if I leave ispconfig's file alone?

What I want is to put everything (ISPConfig panel, Webmail (preferred: roundcube) and phpMyAdmin) inside the https- version of the default domain (visible if I use only the IP in the URL, that is)

Originally Posted by till View Post
Run the ispconfig update.php script and choose yes when the updater asks you if ssl shall be enabled.
I tried, but is says there is no update available so I get no chance to choose ssl, sorry.

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