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Question Roundcube installation on Debian: why not roundcube-mysql package? + https question

Hi there,

I've read the tutorial concerning roundcube on Debian 6 / ISPConfig 3. It appears to me that there is even a roundcube-mysql package now available via apt-get install. Would it not be a good idea to use this way for installation for the package then ought to be maintained automagically?

In other words: Where do I have to adapt the installation?

In /etc/apache2/sites-available/ispconfig.vhost ? (only?)


I managed to make ISPConfig adminpanel available via https on port 443 by tinkering with ../sites-available/ispconfig.vhost . It is now not anymore available via http, which is a good thing. However, phpMyAdmin still responds under port 80 and 443 (https). I'd like to only offer 443.

Same question for squirrelmail (or roundcube): How do I limit access only to port 443? Might like to have a redirect from the respective URLs on port 80 to port 443..

Hope I pressed out myself well.. (enough).

This might be a Apache2 FAQ, but I'm sorry I'm rather familiar with apache1 but not so much with 2. And I want not to break ISPConfigs adaptions and conventions..
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