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Question Simple VPS Administration Solution for Debian VPS

Hey Geeks and Non-Geeks ,

I'm planing to set up my Debian Squeeze VPS for development and personal web projects.
The VPS comes with these humble ressources:
  • CPU 1000MHZ
  • guarranted RAM 512 MB / dynamic 1.024 MB
  • HD-Space 10 GB
  • Network connection 100 Mbit/s (shared over the host system)
  • Bandwidth 100 Mbit/s (shared over the host system)
  • Traffic incl.
  • 1 fix ip
  • Root Access

My goal is to set up:
  • SVN Server with at least 2 users and multiple repositories.
  • MySQL Server or PostgreSQL Server with multiple databases and an appopriate Web admin interface.
  • Apache Server with multiple growing virtual hosts and one host with ssl support (for svn).
  • Java Runtime Environment

So considerting these criteria, I'm looking for a "leightweight" web-based system administration solution,
to manage this VPS in a speedy manner, in order to create/edit/delete virtual hosts, create/delete databases and some simple system configuration tasks like creating/maintaining cron jobs or something along those lines.

I already had a look on the features of ISPConfig / Webmin / Virtualmin, and found them rather for fully large enhanced systems with multi-user hosting support, and mail server ability, which is IMHO superfluous in my case.

So please don't hesitate to tell me your suggestions, indicating your reasons for the choice.

Thank you in advance

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