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Flako I figured it out
I installed RounCube on a single website domain.
The biggest problem was with suhosin but that was solved using a .htaccess file in the site root and a custom php.ini also in the site root.
I needed to have the site using suPHP instead of fastcgi.
Then the pointer to the imap server I used my ip instead of my fqdn then I changed it and it worked. Then the smtp I had to use %u and %p and "LOGIN" once i did that it worked perfectly.

But what I noticed is that I can sign into that roundcube using any email account on my mail server. I would like to fix that. I would like if only the users in that domain can authenticate and not all users on the mail server. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do is there somthing in one of the tutorials that describes this that you can point me to?

Thanks again.

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I think you have to install RoundCube on each server.
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