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Default setup-swraid1-on-a-running-lvm-system-ubuntu-10.04 - SDB dont boot but SDA yes

Hi, iam try to do a setup thats descripted in this how to:

All was ok, but when iam trying to tested a get boot from sda if remove sdb, but if remove sda, sdb dont boot, and say these: cant find the device 8f67c746-fcb9-4735-a3c3-deb113204ae7 and give me a grub console.
So, i reconect sda, boot ok, and run grub-install sda and grub-install sdb again, and then try again to remove sda, now i get that the system reboot when charging grub, so waht happening?
to reference the 2 disk are tested and smart mark like ok without problems.
I put sda ok, and boot ok, but why i cant boot from sdb?
thks and sorry about my english.
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