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Default Apache hangs without traffic

Hi, some months ago i installed my server following the great tutorial The Perfect Server - CentOS IspConfig 3.

Randomly apache hangs without reason, without traffic. The first few months I have not given importance to this issue, due the fact I was using the server mainly for develop and test some open source project.
Now the server has some site on production, a very very low traffic, and apache hangs without reason, random.

Before installing ispconfig 3 this rack was serving sites for about 15k unique visitor/day without problem. After setup with ispconfig i notice this strange behavior.

When apache hangs the load grow up very fast, the error log write
server reached MaxClients setting, consider raising the MaxClients setting
but i setted every value, from 10 to 256, i tried to setup serverlimits equal to maxclients but the problem does not disappear.

I registered about 150 vhosts, but only 10 are in production, the other are not used.

I'm running a sh script that check the load and then restart apache, before reload i save the server-status but nothing strange here, many times there are only 5 / 6 requests ...and some OPTIONS * request.

It's possible it's related to some check that ispconfig do with cron job or similar?

Have you some ideas about it?

Yesterday i upgraded to the last version of ispconfig, (the old was 3.0.2) but i have same problems.

Any clue?

Thank you
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