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Default corrupted Hdd issue


I was using Windows 7 and while I was writing some documents, my laptop closed suddenly. And I turned on it again, after that I couldnt log in with my windows. And I decided to format my computer. I have tried to do it in several ways and I got hdd errors like Input/output or Daemon is inhibited. I tried to install linux instead of windows. Because as I know linux has a good partition utility. First time I have seen my corrupted harddisk drive in Disk Utility and I couldnt fix it. After that I restarted my computer many times and now I dont see my hdd in disk utility but I see it in BIOS. I tried Gparted and it didnt work. It finds my hdd but cant fix it. And I have downloaded TestDisk and opened it. When I write this command "testdisk /list" it gives this

TestDisk 6.8, Data Recovery Utility, August 2007
Christophe GRENIER <>
Please wait...

I see nothing after that. I need help to install operating system and fix my hdd. Can anyone tell me what to do? I have tried so many things. Thanks in advance..

Sorry for my English.

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