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Originally Posted by till View Post
Did you normally update or did you patch only one file? The patches in depend on patches in and so on. So to get a working system, its not enough to copy or patch only one file manually, you have to update your server to with the ispconfig update.php script to get all patches applied.
I checked code ones again.

You have a BUG in this line (svn, and v3.0.3.3)

$app->plugins->registerEvent('mail_user_update','maildrop_plugin ','insert');
It must be that:

$app->plugins->registerEvent('mail_user_insert','maildrop_plugin ','update');
probably altered it manually and exchange a "insert/update" in this two params.

Check it, and repair ISPConfig, plz.

ps. I wonder how it is possible that it works for you ...

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