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Lightbulb Remote Backup

Originally Posted by rudolfpietersma View Post
Is it a lot of work to change the script so it can also be used as remote backup script?
Hello, if you mount anything remote, before de use of the backup script, and the backup dir is the remote mounted one, then you can use it as a remote backup script.
You can use samba (cifs) for remote windows shares, ssh, or anything you can think of and can be mounted, even remote internet drives.

I'm in the process of testing with remote ftp, but I'm not sure if it'll be good to make a separate script for this or integrate it in the backup script.
For now I'm using 2 separate scripts, partially because the script which makes the ftp transfer compares the files first, then makes something like a sync, but that is not needed here... so for now I'm not sure.

The simplest way now is to use a remote mounted dir for backup. For more info you can see: Linux Userland Filesystem
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