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I'm not that far yet (setting up e-mail clients etc.)

I'm trying to SEND mail from my server, but my ISP blocks any outbound traffic that isn't headed for its own mail server. (They do that to prevent spam, so you can't just set up a mail server at home and have fun sending out millions of e-mails)

The problem is, I'm not a spammer but I'd like to allow my web server to send e-mails like a normal web server. How can I configure Postfix to use port 26 instead of port 25?

I have a professional webhosting account as well, and they have a special service to "start another copy of the mail service on port 26" for those customers who otherwise can't send mail via port 25.

But in my case, the server ITSELF is on the ISP's network, so it can't send mail on port 25. Is that going to prevent me from sending out e-mail altogether?

That might be...

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