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Default New ISPConfig Install

Hi all, Great site BTW.

I have been looking around here the last couple days and i have just completed a new install of Fedora 5. I followed the The Perfect Setup from Falko and it went well. I didnt install the Mail portion because i dont require that at this time [read didnt feel like it].

Im following this install guide for ISPConfig:

Important: ISPConfig is meant to be installed on new Linux installations with no web sites, so if you run a server with hundreds of web sites and need a control panel that can take care of those existing web sites, then ISPConfig is not for you!

Log in to your shell as root.
Unpack the ISPConfig-archive

tar xvfz ISPConfig*.tar.gz

and change to the directory install_ispconfig:

cd install_ispconfig

In this directory please check the file dist.txt and see if the values given there suit to your
Linux installation (they should be suitable for standard installations). If you change any
values please be sure not to change the format of the file.
Then start the setup-script from there:


The installer will now compile an Apache with PHP5 that will run on port 81 and is needed by the ISPConfig system itself. It will not interfere with your existing Apache installation so you can go on unworried.

Important: Be sure to have installed gcc, flex and all the other tools neded for compiling sources before you run ./setup! You also need to install the MySQL header files which normally come in a package called mysql-devel, mysql-dev, libmysql-devel or something similar. Otherwise PHP5 will not compile, and the installation of ISPConfig stops!

Onto the Question:

I have logged onto the Terminal as root and tried running the install. But i was using "yum" thruought the HOW TO. How do start the install with yum? How do i install GCC and FLEX?

Yes im a nub [read newb].

Thanks for your help in advance.
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