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Originally Posted by go0ogl3 View Post
Hello again!

I think you use the latest mc with the latest settings and you just used some mouse copy and paste for the script... so you copied a "point" instead of a space. And here is the error...
Originally Posted by cyrus1977 View Post
Warning: the directories lines contains an error:

DIRECTORIES="/bin /boot /etc /home /lib /lib64 /root.
/sbin /usr /var /www"

should read

DIRECTORIES="/bin /boot /etc /home /lib /lib64 /root
/sbin /usr /var /www"

attention: /root. has been changed to /root
I think cyrus1997 is right. Can you please check.
For me in the script there is a dot (.) after /root and this prevents from backing up the /root directory.
If I am wrong, please tell me why.

working with IspConfig3 on Debian Squeeze 64bit
thank you for your work and you time

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