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Default Re: Live to local

The next big hurdle?

My brother-in-law, whose site it actually is . . . I just built it for him . . . . . . is now having his daughter maintain and edit the live site.

She has a Windows machine. I'm pretty checked out now on my Linux machine (or at least I have a running start).

So I need to learn how to do this on Windows (we do CrossLoop RA sessions, so I can install it on her machine in a CrossLoop session).

Right now she's doing live edits on the live site (under my "supervision"). But I'd like to get her setup with a "test" site on HER machine.

I have a Windows VM on this machine, and another dual boot machine with Windows as one of the boots. So I'm going to 'speriment on one of them.

Am assuming the first step would be to start off with WAMP, and see if I can get her server working.

Hopefully, I've run into the major pitfalls with this Linux install on my machine, and Windows will be a breeze.

But I do anticipate "new" and different issues.

Someone on another forum has suggested setting up a "test" live site (duplicate) on the host sever, and I guess that's an option too.

Any tips or heads up on a local test site in Windows or the live site "test" duplicate option?
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