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Default TPS-Ubuntu 11.04[ISPConfig 3] - questions about network and SSH

Hi Falko,

Sorry for the late response, but I've been having some trouble with the server. I tried installing a GUI (apt-get install ubuntu-desktop) thinking that it would be helpful, but I started getting lots of errors. I did some reading on it and found out that Gnome doesn't play well with Natty.

I redid the installation from fresh. Twice, because I was still getting errors the last time.

I just did it again and have reached step 6 in the tutorial (where you said that you can start using PuTTY or some other SSH client).

I mucked around with the router and was able to get to the Port Range Forwarding section, but I am not sure if I did it correctly. Since the iMac is hooked up to the network at home, I am trying to connect with SSHTunnelManager, but there, also, I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly. Please see the screen shot and let me know if you see anything glaringly wrong.

Also, since the router is limiting my choice of IPs to forward to (only the last digit can be modified), does that mean that when I reach step 7 I'll have to use that IP instead of the one you have in your example (e.g. 192.168.1.x vs.

Oh, and on this fresh install, when I do "netstat -tap" I'm seeing two different SSH items listening:
tcp | 0 | 0 *:ssh | *:* | LISTEN | 906/sshd
tcp6 | 0 | 0 [::]:ssh | [::]* | LISTEN | 906/sshd

Is this correct?

Thank you!
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