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I think you can change the partition type with fdisk without losing your data, but of course there's no guarantee.
Afterwards you can set up RAID1 as described here: (unfortunately it's in German, but the commands are the same... )
Okay I don't speak German, and I feel like it would take to long for me to become fluent in German. Not that I am not interested, I would love to speak German, but life is only so short and I can squeeze in the time to get off my butt and learn. Does it come in Spanish?

But because I don't want to start from scratch I will give it a shot. Although, I am not familiar with fdisk how exactly would I go about changing the partition type? Is it like changing the file system all together? My second drive sdb has not even been formatted that is how new the system is, will fdisk format the second disk?

And as for the German How to, I will just cut and paste the code in sequential order and hopefully I won't ruin my current system. I feel like a blind man wrestling with King Kong, but will try to win by showing him some leg. Being a man, it could be the end of me.

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